What Are the Different Types of LED Strip Light?

Strip is an LED lights. The only difference between traditional lighting and strips light is that it can be cut to size, which offer a little more flexibility than the usual strip lights.

LED strip lights are a type of light that is growing in popularity. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

There are also different types of LED strip lights. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of LED strip lights. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Finally, we will help you decide which type of LED strip light is best for you & if you need led strip light in wholesale at a very reasonable price then feel free to contact us.

If you are new to LED light then we recommend to read our complete guide to LED lighting & some common issues with LED lighting

AC LED Flex Strips

AC LED flex strips are flexible strips that require a power supply. The DC version is also available. Due to their flexibility, you can install these LED strip lights in different locations without too much hassle.

The biggest advantage of AC Flex Strips is ease of installation. They are easy to cut and connect to the power supply with the help of a dimmer. Flexible strips are ideal for curved surfaces and tricky areas where traditional LED strip lights cannot be installed.

There are no power supplies or dimmers required since it can be connected securely and immediately from a 110-120 voltage AC line.

They are also waterproof so you can install them on your bathtub or kitchen sink without damaging their internal components. They can also handle higher temperatures compared to most LED strip lights, which makes them perfect for the outdoors.

The downside of AC Flex Strips is that they require regular maintenance. You need to buy a separate dimmer and replace the fuse every once in a while because it can blow out. The other disadvantage is that they come at a higher price compared to other LED strip lights and cannot be cut after you install them, which means waste if you make a mistake.

DC LED Flex Strips

The DC LED Flex Strip Light is a type of lighting that is unfamiliar to many people, but it’s one of the most popular DIY light options. The DC LED Flex Strips are made up of a 12-volt flexible LED that provides highlighted illumination around the space while also performing two functions: task and beauty.

They come in a series of boxes that have a connector, splice connector and termination caps. The termination cap is the power source for the box with an output of 12 volts DC. The installation process is very easy as it can be installed using a 3M adhesive which you stick behind your object that will help you blend the light to your object.

Plug and play Flex Strips allow you to choose the length of lighting that you need, which means they can fit your space exactly and will give an elegant and functional look to any room in your house, whether it’s a kitchen or bedroom.

The 12V DC LED Flex Strips produce little heat, making them ideal for applications in confined areas. It requires a 12VDC input, making it easy to use by novices.


CHIP ON BOARD LED flex strips are flexible strips that require a power supply. 

The DC version is also available. Due to their flexibility, you can install these LED strip lights in different locations without too much hassle.

Because of the smaller diode size and even weight distribution, these strips are more flexible than other flexible strips. 

Because the diodes are so tiny and densely packed, any location on the strip is identical to every other. 

This extra adaptability will make them more likely to fit into tight areas and turn around corners in your home.

They’re essentially the same as our high-density strip lights: they have a 14 Watts per M brightness rating and output 100 Lumens per Watt, just like our high-density strip lights.

LED Rope Light

Rope light is not the same as led strip light. It isn’t ribbon-like or flat, but instead spherical in form. DIP LEDs are employed in most rope lights.

LED Rope Lights are available in our Flexible and Portable Options section. The LED strip lights come with a 10-meter roll that can be cut into any length you need, which means you can cut it to fit perfectly on your space.

Most LED Ropes have an adhesive backing so you can stick them on the back of furniture or other objects.

These rope lights also come with clips that allow you to attach them to surfaces without damaging them, which means you can clip these lights on a railing or other object and then plug it into a power outlet.

This will give your home a professional look.

LED Rope Lights are very easy to install because they do not require any wiring. 

The lights are linked together by a series of copper wires that have an LED attached to it, which means you can create any shape or size you want using the rope lights.

There are some differences between LED strip light & rope light. We have a complete article about their differences.

High output LED strips

High output LED strips, also referred to as high power LED light strips, are 150 Lumen per Watt heavy duty LED strip lights.

It’s possible to achieve such high Lumens through a series of interconnected chips placed side-by-side.

The higher the number of LEDs on a meter, the higher your total wattage and lumen output will be.

High output LED Flex Strips are available in our Heavy Duty and Super Bright Options section.

They’re perfect for your warehouse, garage or any other space where you want optimal brightness and power efficiency.

Because of their heavy-duty nature, they require a constant 12VDC input to operate and can handle more stress than other LED Flex Strips.

High output LED Flex Strip Lights use a swivel connection that allows you to turn the strip up to 180 degrees, which means they’re perfect for applications where you need the lights to fit in tight spaces.

They’re also available with 18/2 wire, which is flexible enough to allow free twisting of the lights.

High output LED Flex Strip Lights are dimmable, which means you can cut off any portion of the strip you don’t need at the time to save energy.

It’s best to use them with a constant voltage supply because if they receive an intermittent power supply, you run the risk of damaging some portion.


How Does Color Temperature Changeable LED Work?

Color temperature changeable LEDs, often known as tunable white LEDs, allow you to adjust the light from a warm yellow to a cool blue-white. This is achieved through LEDs of different color temperatures installed within the same strip, which can be controlled independently or mixed to achieve the desired shade. The control can be manual through a dial or digital via a smartphone app.

How to Change the NZXT LED Strip Color?

Changing the color of your NZXT LED strip is typically done through the brand’s proprietary software, which allows for a range of color and lighting effect customization. By connecting the strip to a compatible controller, users can select colors, adjust brightness, and set up dynamic lighting effects that sync with their gaming or entertainment systems.

How to Program LED Lights to Fade In/Out Colors?

Programming LED lights to fade in and out is a function supported by many smart LED strips. This is often done through a mobile app or LED controller. You’ll find options to set the speed of the color transition and choose which colors you want the strip to cycle through, creating a dynamic lighting environment that can mimic natural light patterns or enhance entertainment experiences.

What is the Color Temperature of High Power LED Lighting?

High power LED lighting can come in a range of color temperatures, typically measured in Kelvin (K). For residential and commercial applications, you’ll find high power LEDs in cool white (around 5000K to 6500K), which is bright and crisp, to warm white (around 2700K to 3000K), which offers a softer and more inviting glow. The right color temperature depends on the intended use and desired ambiance.

What Does RGB Stand for in LED Lights?

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue in LED lights. These are the three primary colors that can be mixed in various combinations to create a broad spectrum of colors. An RGB LED strip combines these three colors with a controller, allowing users to create custom colors and dynamic lighting effects.

How Does an RGB LED Strip Work?

An RGB LED strip works by utilizing individual Red, Green, and Blue LEDs along the strip that can be mixed to produce different colors. Control is typically provided by a remote, a mobile app, or voice control through smart home systems. The strip can be programmed for specific colors, patterns, or sequences to match your decor, mood, or event.


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There are many different types of LED strip lights that you can choose from including AC and DC LEDs, chip on board LEDs, rope lighting, or high output strips.

The type of strip you use will depend on the type of application it is best suited for as well as the amount of power required.

Whatever type of lighting system you choose, make sure it has high quality components so that it will last many years without needing any repairs!
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