The Best 15 Lighting Companies Designers in Dallas for 2023

A group of lighting designers discussing creative LED solutions in Dallas

Are you looking for the best 15 lighting companies designers in Dallas to transform your space and create the perfect ambiance? Dallas is home to numerous creative and innovative lighting designers, offering a wide array of services and solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking energy-efficient residential lighting, captivating commercial displays, or spectacular event lighting, Dallas has got you covered. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the top 15 lighting companies designers in Dallas, their areas of expertise, and the services they offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Dallas is home to 15 of the best lighting companies, offering a range of services from design and installation to maintenance and energy-efficient solutions.

  • Professional audio/visual integration, LED lighting startups, illuminated signs & residential fixtures are also available.

  • Green building & energy efficient options make it easy for businesses & residents in Dallas to reduce consumption while promoting sustainability.

Top Dallas Lighting Designers

A group of lighting designers discussing creative LED solutions in Dallas

Companies based in Dallas are renowned for their specialized lighting design services. Creative LED Lighting Company, Turnkey Lighting Services and Landscape Lighting Experts provide a wide range of options from creative LED solutions to professional turnkey services along with expertise in landscape illumination needs. The team of experienced designers makes sure that the clients’ requirements for efficient yet stylish lighting solutions can be fulfilled here at Dallas TX. All these companies ensure not only impressive results but also excellent customer service when it comes to any kind of light project they take on or deliver, whether residential or commercial projects related to lights require maintenance or installation help!

Creative LED Lighting Company

Creative LED lights. Lighting Company in Dallas are specialists when it comes to designing, constructing and maintaining low voltage lighting systems. Their range of energy-efficient LEDs come in a variety of forms such as bulbs, strips lights panel lights downlights track lines flood lights or landscape lighting. This company is considered one of the best choices for providing excellent solutions due to their inventive designs that not only enhance aesthetics but also provide savings on bills related to electricity usage.

Turnkey Lighting Services

Turnkey Lighting Services in Dallas offers an extensive selection of solutions, such as repairs and installations. Specializing in architectural lighting, landscape lighting and interior-exterior custom designs, they have your complete range of needs covered with professional precision.

The process for installation is thorough: firstly, the discovery stage starts to figure out what you need. Then design comes into play followed by implementation before finally getting to maintenance – all from leading companies within the industry that will provide reliable products combined with quality assurance on every job completed.

Services like repair or refurbishments are available too at Turnkey Lighting Services making them a convenient go-to partner across any type of project encompassing these many aspects including both commercial and residential projects alike!

Landscape Lighting Experts

Landscape Lighting Experts in Dallas have specialized knowledge and experience to create custom outdoor lighting solutions for residential and commercial properties. They offer a comprehensive range of fixtures such as LED lights, Kichler Lights, Dauer lights, tree spotlights, down-lights, etc., which are all high grade and long lasting. The services provided include strategically positioning the installation of the lighting system that can be motion sensored or timed with features like floodlight security illumination also available to guarantee property safety. With these comprehensive landscape lighting experiences on hand, they strive towards developing captivating yet functionally designed exterior spaces that blend harmoniously into their environment.

Best Lighting Fixtures and Products in Dallas

A display of various lighting fixtures and products in a Dallas showroom

For electrical and lighting products or outdoor solutions, Dallas is home to some well-regarded companies such as Lights Fantastic,Meletio Lighting& Electrical Supply, and Porter Lighting. All of these have a varied selection of lights that satisfy all sorts of needs. Thus helping you get the perfect fit for your space.

Electrical and Lightning Products

At Electrical and Lightning Products in Dallas, customers can find a wide range of solutions to fit their lighting needs. This premier supplier offers high-quality products for excellent prices along with comprehensive distribution services. Their selection consists of LED lights, pendant fixtures and chandeliers all backed by customer service that is unmatched in the industry. The knowledgeable staff at this company provide personal attention ensuring each visitor has a positive experience shopping for their perfect lighting solution.

Outdoor Lights

Based in Dallas, Outdoor Lights is focused on providing beautiful and energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions for both homes and businesses. Their products range from features that beautify the exterior environment to illumination pathways to ensure better usability of the property without compromising its durability. Customers can choose from a wide selection of lights suitable for any kind of installation needs they may have. The company’s goal is always make sure clients end up with well lit spaces thanks to their top quality low-voltage outside light fixtures which offer long lasting performance through late hours into night time.

Facility Solutions Group: Comprehensive Lighting Services

Facility Solutions Group, based in Dallas, offers lighting solutions and services for commercial clients. They specialize in providing a full range of design, installation and maintenance services for all kinds of lighting fixtures, including energy-efficient options. With their experienced team on board to help with the designs as well as ensuring timely completion without disrupting daily operations or schedules during installations, they are truly experts at what they do! Their comprehensive collection covers anything from repairs, replacements and upgrades to regular inspections when it comes to managing existing lighting systems already installed too – nothing is left out by this professional service provider.

Commercial Lighting Specialists

Services such as lighting design, installation, repair and maintenance tailored to commercial spaces like restaurants, shops and offices are provided by professional Commercial Lighting Specialists in Dallas. Companies including ElectricMan, Oldner LightingDesign & LuM. Lightning all have a prestigious reputation for delivering creative solutions and provide their services around the city of Texas.

The expertise of these firms can be seen across different locations throughout Dallas. One example is AT&T Discovery District’s intricate sculpture that combines audio-visual effects with exceptional lightening designs.

Not only do companies offer energy efficient systems, but also upgrade retrofits as well automated control processes providing customers with customised approaches suitable for any budget or level of technical requirements associated with each particular project from start to completion.

Seasonal Lighting Displays: Thanksgiving till Christmas Eve

A beautifully lit residential property during the holiday season in Dallas

During the festive time of year, several Dallas-based businesses such as Shine Window Cleaning, Christmas Decor Dallas, The Christmas Company and Heaven on Wheels, all offer quality lighting services for residential and commercial properties from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. These companies provide professional services which include: holiday installation, custom design solutions, maintenance & repair needs plus storage/removal options too!

For those in the Fort Worth / Dallas vicinity there are many exciting light shows including Holiday at the Arboretum, Prairie Lights with their First Choice creations through to a mesmerizing display like Garland’s ‘Christmas on The Square’ – providing an unforgettable experience for visitors until just before midnight on December 24th.

Lighting Repair and Maintenance Services

In Dallas, professionallighting repair services can help preserve the functionality and aesthetics of various illumination systems. These companies offer a broad selection of assistance such as changing bulbs, repairing fixtures, wiring upkeep, ballast substitutions and general maintenance.

The cost to employ these services for installations or replacing/repairing light fittings could be anywhere from $125-$172 respectively $100-700 depending on the type used in conjunction with ceiling height & job complexity involved.

By calling upon expert lighting solutions you have increased chances that your hardware will stay viable longer due to appropriate preservation techniques employed by experienced technicians knowledgeable about repair standards set out by industry experts in this field.

Full-Service Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape lighting solutions are a key part of any successful outdoor design in Dallas, and Southern Botanical & Scapes Incorporated offers comprehensive installation services. Lighting increases curb appeal, showcases architectural features, and adds sophistication to an area at night, as well as increasing safety and security for those using the space. Popular ideas from professional landscape designers include path lighting, uplighting/downlighting effects plus accent illumination by moonlight or other sources, all working together to create an attractive yet highly functional finish. Whether it’s used around a business premises or home property, installing quality light fixtures can provide great aesthetic value that compliments its environment perfectly.

Professional Audio and Lighting Services

In Dallas, multiple companies offer professional lighting and audio services for a variety of events. This includes concerts, music festivals, trade shows, weddings, theatrical productions and live performances with cutting-edge multimedia displays or commercial solutions which enhance the experience through high quality sound systems as well as illumination equipment. Showtech Productions, Premier Oaks Lighting, Dallas Light & Sound and Lush Events are all experts in providing the best possible immersive experiences by tailoring their tools to each event’s unique needs with customised options that meet even high end expectations thanks to their extensive knowledge on these matters. With this mix between technology integration, audiovisual capabilities, and specialised personnel, every single gathering can be expected to become something truly unforgettable without hassle!

LED King: A Dallas-based LED Lighting Startup

LED King, a Dallas-based company established in 2013, specializes in providing LED lighting solutions to both commercial and residential customers. It distinguishes itself from other local startups by offering superior quality products at competitive rates with excellent customer service.

The selection of its product lineup features various types of LED lights such as panel lights and pole lights that can be adapted for just about any type and kind of application, enabling energy efficient options no matter the environment. Whether it is needed for one’s home or business, LED king has perfect ideas on how to lighten up those spaces using LEDs!

Sign Services: Illuminating Your Business

Sign Services is dedicated to aiding Dallas companies in creating, producing, marketing and putting up illuminated signs. Clients can find a wide variety of these eye-catching lighting displays from neon lights to LED signs, channel lettering and lightbox signage right through backlit boards as well as edge-illuminated models plus cabinet advertisements too digital indications for example.

Taking advantage of sign services brings great benefits including increased visibility leading to more brand awareness along with their impressive ability that attracts attention regardless of any time day or night increasing security measures around the property all while presenting diverse options regarding both style & cost efficiency involved throughout installation processes alike.

Businesses gain so much when they invest in professional sign building services by ensuring whatever form this takes it’s captivating yet effective at doing it’s job now remains reliable into the foreseeable future far ahead down the road without stress nor strain upon your budget either!

Residential Lighting Solutions

Dallas, Texas, is home to many businesses specializing in providing residential lighting solutions. Companies such as Architectural Lighting Alliance, Texas Lighting Solutions, Hossley Lighting & Power Solutions and Bell & McCoy Lights and Controls have earned a great reputation for their custom-tailored services. Nex Light Agents are well renowned within the Dallas area when it comes to supplying clients with stylish lights like lamps, chandeliers or wall mount fixtures. LED options which deliver an ambient atmosphere beneath ledges and furniture has been quite sought after recently while larger pendant designs along natural wood flooring make attractive household trends around Dallas lately too.

Event Lighting Experts

Companies offering professional lighting design, production and installation services for events in Dallas are highlighted by Event Lighting Experts. Those highly acclaimed event lighting professionals include: Premier Oaks Lighting, Showtech Productions, Dallas Light and Sound, as well as Lush Events.

The specialized lighting service these companies provide involves a comprehensive process from consultation to completion of the project, be it a corporate function or wedding anniversary celebration with lights both inside and outside the venue alike.

In enlisting specialist help when organizing an occasion you create unique visuals that appeal to attendees while leaving a long-lasting impact on them also!

Green Building and Energy-Efficient Lighting

Companiesbased in Dallas are offering efficient lighting solutions for both commercial and residential customers, with an emphasis on green building practices. These initiatives feature the implementation of intelligent controls to reduce energy consumption while providing occupant well-being as a priority. The City is actively encouraging sustainable living through programs such as the Dallas Green Building Program, which demands that new buildings must meet higher efficiency standards than before.

Making use of these types of light fixtures gives various advantages including saving money over time due to fewer utility bills coupled with an extended lifespan from bulbs used less frequently and thus reducing environmental harm by lowering CO2 emissions along with other greenhouse gases produced when consuming electricity at large scale levels. Investing in more energy friendly techniques may be what this Texas city needs in order to have a greener future ahead!

High-End Showrooms and Sales

Dallas has a wide selection of high-end lighting showrooms and sales centers which feature knowledgeable staff who help customers select the appropriate products for their needs. These stores provide residential, LED, vintage and custom light fixtures as well as Meletio Lighting & Electrical Supply. To get more information regarding upcoming specials or prices, it is best to visit websites directly or contact each particular store. With diverse options available in terms of design, manufacture, installation services related to illuminated signs – cost may vary depending on showroom location along with type/style of fixture being used.


The lighting companies in Dallas offer a wide range of services and solutions to meet residential, commercial, event or building needs. From professional lighting design to green energy options – these firms specialize in illuminating the city with elegance, practicality and efficiency. Whether you are looking for high-quality illumination products or expert consultation. Discover the best source of premier companies within Dallas’ market to bring your vision into reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

What lighting company starts with Foscarini?

Foscarini, a top manufacturer and top lighting business from Italy, is well-known for the excellent quality of their products. This leading company specializes in pharmaceuticals.

What types of lighting solutions are available for commercial spaces in Dallas?

In Dallas, commercial businesses can get various lighting and landscaping solutions for their space from architectural to landscape and custom options. These interior/exterior solutions will provide an aesthetic boost as well as a practical illumination solution in the area.

How can I find the best lighting products for my home in Dallas?

Dallas is the perfect place to find amazing lighting fixtures and accessories, with Lights Fantastic and Meletio Lighting & Electrical Supply offering a wide selection of products for your home. You’re sure to discover just what you need in terms of illumination and entertainment when shopping these local stores.

Are there any companies in Dallas that specialize in seasonal lighting displays?

Dallas based firms such as Shine Window Cleaning, Christmas Decor Dallas and The Christmas Company are renowned for their services of seasonal lighting installations, both residential and commercial years in business only.

What services can I expect from a full-service landscape design and installation company in Dallas?

This company in Dallas offers a full service landscape design and installation, giving services such as lawn care maintenance, tree planting, gardening assistance with weed control/ mulching/ yard cleaning. Even waste removal.

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