COB Strip Light

In the LED world, COB stands for chip on board which is simply when the LED die is placed directly on the circuit board. Inside our flexible lights, we also use a flip-chip LED.

Cob strip lights are outdoor cob-led lights that are perfect for lighting up the garden. This is a type of lighting that uses energy-efficient LED bulbs as well as LEDs as a light source as well as a light sensor.

These lights also consist of a dirt-resistant PVC tube as well as a battery box.

One of the many great aspects of COB strip lights is that they are designed with longevity in mind because the LEDs last much longer than other lighting.

This means that over time, the COB strip light will require less maintenance and will also cost less.

Cob strip light is a great light due to the longevity of its LEDs as well as the fact that it is a lot more environmentally friendly.

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About our COB Strip Light

  • Tunable White COB LED Strip Light: Warm white to cool white (2700K-6500K), whatever your mood, one light to fit all of your requirements! Besen COB LED strip light with 3200 LEDs delivers bright and even illumination.


  • Linear Lighting: For 50 percent wider lighting, the beams are positioned at 180 degrees for more uniform illumination, and there will be NO MORE concerns about the dark spot! Longer life expectancy, higher luminosity efficiency, greater color rendering index (CRI 90 or higher). NO MORE worries about the dark spot! Because there are so many chips on board, each one is evenly illuminated, eliminating the problem of shadows!
  • IP65 Waterproof: Its IP65 waterproofing ensures you don’t have to worry about water splashing, especially in the bathroom or other damp environments. (ATTENTION: Not for usage outside.)


  • UL-LISTED: The COB LED strip lights from BESEN are UL-listed, which means they are more steady and safer to use for regular lighting. The excellent double-layer thick copper PCB construction of BESEN COB strip lights results in improved heat dissipation and durability, with a service life of over 50,000 hours.


  • RC Function: It has a memory function, timer function (0.5/1/3 hours), brightness up/down (10 levels), and speed up/down (8 levels in dynamic mode). It has multi-directional RF remote controls your led strip at any angle within 49ft /15m.
  • Low Energy Consumption: This COB LED Strip Light has a luminous intensity of 400 lumens, 3.8W per meter, and can be utilized as a replacement for regular lighting. It is dimmable, so you may choose any brightness level you desire. A 12V 2A UL listed power supply is included in the LED light strip kit, which includes an RF 11-Key controller.


  • Upgraded Design: Choose no more SMD strips like 2835, 5050, or 5630. The COB technology has been applied to this new LED strip light, resulting in closer emitting components for better lighting performance. The COB-LED rope light is also compatible with traditional strip dimmers for adjustment (NOTE: The voltage and current must be comparable—DC24V/50W)
  • Flexibility for DIY Lighting: COB LED strip lights may be safely installed in kitchens, cabinets, bedrooms, stairwells, mirrors, corridors, DIY backlighting, table lamps, toy lights, and other locations that require decoration. You can cut the strip along the cutting lines to make it easier to assemble. The flicker-free LED light strip is available in a width of 8mm and comes with an operating temperature range of -25°C to 55°C. You can bend the lights around corners or in confined areas at any angle(such as ±90°or double back), resulting in a very thin profile when installed. Advanced materials and a real double-layer PCB board make it safe and long-lasting for up to 50,000 hrs.


  • Quality Guarantee: The sturdy COB-led strip light is made with advanced technology and materials. Rated for over 50,000 hours. We provide a two-year worry-free guarantee, as well as 24/7 assistance.

Specifications of COB Strip Light:

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Characteristics Value
Color Available
2400-8000K, Blue, Dream Color, Green, Red, RGB
Illumination Angle
Input Voltage
12V, 24V
LED Q'ty /Meter
320Leds, 384Leds, 582Leds, 608Leds, 768Leds
Light Length /Roll
Light Width Size
10mm, 5MM, 8mm
Max Power /Meter
12W, 24W
Min cuttable Length
Model No
BS-5050-PIXEL, BS-COB12/24
PCB Width Available
LED Type
Working temperature
-20℃ ~ +45℃


Make your house appear warmer by utilizing the COB LED strips
COB LED strip lights may be used to decorate and illuminate at any location of your house
Free bending without deformation, super flexibility.

How to connect strip to strip

Push strip throgh the gap
Make the two edges meet in the middle of the connector's middle line.
Clamp both conductors as you pierce the PCB one at a time.
Connection completed

How to connect strip to power

Push strip through the gap
Make the edge of the strip reach the inside surface of the connector.
Clamp both wires of the piercing portion one at a time.
Repeat the first three stages

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