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“I am rain From besen led.

I have two lovely boys, jason and jacky, so I’m fighting to give them the best education and life.”


I love learning, I graduated from Hubei Design Institute, won the China Car Design excellence award and was a car designer, so my clients love to talk to me about their ideas and I can always understand what they want. On the other hand, I run several websites to promote my company to people in different countries. I also taught myself guitar, although I can’t play it very well, I can always enjoy the beauty of music after work.

On the other hand, I also shared my marketing experience to many people and became an alibaba agreement instructor to help more people to do good marketing.

In 2008, the LED Light market exploded, and I joined my current company Besen in 2012, growing and struggling with them to sell their products to over 48 countries.

In 2019, because of corona virus, the factory’s domestic orders decreased, but all the staff and bosses did not stop working on online marketing and communicating with customers on the internet, instead, we saw a 1x growth (mainly in the field of solar light and smart light), far more than in 2018, so I put all my energy on online marketing.

I don’t know if you have this feeling: the epidemic period (home economy) became the industry with the most opportunities, almost everyone was forced to stay at home, people started shopping like crazy and online shopping became their main way, it was quite interesting and the more I studied it, the more I felt fascinated because it made a complete change in the way my clients sell, I taught them how to do promotion and provide high quality products and pop-ups to help them seize the opportunity to make more money under the epidemic.

In 2020, the company created more up-to-date product technologies, developed various smart lights, and other peripheral products, the product line is getting richer and richer, whether it is LED lights or smart products, we are able to develop the hottest selling products through big data and years of production experience.

As a result, we have also helped a large number of customers to seize the opportunity.

My current status is to assist engineers to develop products and communicate with important customers …… by providing better solutions and my personal marketing experience, I have made a lot of good friends.

Because my major is design, I also speak English and love to exchange market experience with people from various countries, so I share my knowledge of lighting products, various new technologies, and market analysis strategies to this blog.

On the one hand, I can write down my experience in lighting and marketing, so that I can summarize the scattered knowledge into a knowledge system. I believe in the “Feynman Theory”, and I believe that sharing the knowledge I know is the biggest beneficiary.

On the other hand, I also hope that this blog will help my customers to search for related technical articles easily, and I want to bring the most abundant and professional technical experience to my followers.


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