What are LED Light Strips?

LED strip lights are the modern age and more sophisticated form of lights. They have pretty several varieties and exceptions, but all of them have certain things in common;

  • Comprise of myriad singular LED radiators installed on a limited, adjustable circuit board.
  • Are operable on low volt
  • A wide choice of colors is available, with fixed and variable color and brightness.
  • Have double-sided glue for easy mounting at the desirable places.
  • They are generally shipped in a considerable length of about 16 feet or 5 meters and can be cut and fixed to size as per your comfortability.

How Can I Custom My Own LED Strip Light From China?

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Material custom for led light strips

  • 1.PCB color
  • 2.LOGO in the PCB
  • 3.LED types
  • 4.LED brands
  • 5.Led color temperature (CCT)
  • 6.CRI
  • Size & Dimension
  • Dimming Options
  • 7.3M tape
  • 8.Waterproof level
  • 9.Led silicon tube color
  • 10.Wires
  • 11.Wire length
  • 12.Connector
  • 13.Strip light Voltage
  • 14.Strip light wattage
  • 15.Label
  • 16.Strip light date sheet
  • 17.Package

What determines the brightness of an LED Strip?

Metric Lumens are the basis that determines the brightness of LED strips. There are a variety of LED Strips available, and unlike incandescent bulbs, they have different levels of efficiency. One can not estimate its light output based on wattage rating.

The illumination capability of an LED strip is generally described in lumens per meter. A standardized strip of prime quality should provide 1500-1550 lumens per meter. This is approximately equal to the same magnitude of light as given out by a conventional T8 fluorescent lamp.

lumens of led

The afore-mentioned are three significant factors that determine the brightness of an LED strip:
• The number of LEDs installed per meter.
• Light production and performance efficiency per LED radiator
• The LED Strip draws the power per foot.

An LED strip that is marketed without lumen specification should be avoided. I suggest that you also be cautious about the low-cost LED strips claiming remarkable brightness, as they may oversupply the LEDs with electricity, which may lead to unwanted repercussions like permanent strip failure.

Density and Power Draw of an LED

Looking for the aptest LED strips, LED emitter names like 2835, 3528, 5050, and 5730 are the most common. Looking at all these numbers, you must be a bit bewildered. But not to worry too much, the most important fact is the number of LEDs and the power drawn per meter.

The LED density, i.e., the distance between LEDs, is one of the most critical factors in determining whether dark spots and hotspots will be visible between the LED radiators. The highest density of about 120 LED radiators per meter provides the best output with an even lighting effect.
Note: The costliest component that an LED strip comprises is the LED emitter, so make sure that while striking comparison between the two strip prices, take into account the frequency of an LED emitter in a strip.

The following important factor is Power Draw. Power draw confirms the magnitude of power the system consumes; most importantly, this factor help in estimating the electricity requirements and costs involved in using a particular LED strip. 15W per meter is what a good quality LED Strip consumes.

custome led strip light

LED Strip color options

LED Strips are widely available in numerous shades of white and all other colors. Prominently, white and its different shades are in high demand as they suit well for indoor lighting.

While distinguishing between different colors, CCT(color temperature) and CRI(color rendering index) are the two main aspects to be kept in mind.

Colour Temperature is a perfect measure of the light’s visual, “warm” or “cool.” The soft and pleasant glow of a conventional incandescent bulb has a relaxed vibe with a temperature of about 2700K. In contrast, the bright and happening natural white has a higher temperature of about 6500K.

Colour Rendering Index estimates how colors appear when exposed to light. A strip with a low color rendering index produces ambiguous and washout colors that are difficult to distinguish. However, a high CRI strip gives out perfect and beautifully distinguished colors. Such LED strips are ideal when natural daylight comes into the picture.

Colour options: Fixed and Variable color

Manier times, you need colors other than white that are punchy enough to add glam to your place. LED strips are available in the entire spectrum of colors. Just name it, and it’s there, be it red, violet, green, blue, orange, pink, and even emerald green, infrared, etc.

Primarily, there are two kinds of colored LED strips;
• Fixed single color
• Colour changing/ Variable color strips.

The former LED strip radiates a single color and follows the same principle as a white LED strip. Latter that is a variable color strip comprised of multiple color paths on one LED Strip. The simplest strip type includes three channels, RGB, i.e., Red, Green, and Blue. These strips are programmed in a way that you can do experiments with the colors to produce your innovation.

All above being said, it must have served all your doubts and queries regarding an LED strip and its quality aspects well. Moving to the next part is how that is talking about Besen.
Besen is a manufacturing unit specializing in LED light production and is strictly committed to delivering prime quality and customizable led strips. The company owns several manufacturing units in Zhongshan city and Guangdong Province. The company’s core business includes exporting the LED lights produced to the main markets of the US and Australia, North US, South Africa, and the European market.

Why Besen?

The USP of the product is that the LED light is bright as well as it is cost-effective. Not only this, but the company also supplies its dealers with an eminent option of material custom for LED light strips. Following are the materials that are available for customizing:

PCB Colour: Printed circuit boards or PCBs provide mechanical support and electrical connection to the LED strips. Besen provides you with an opportunity to customize the PCB as per your choice. Not only this, if you want your PCBs to be much more customed than this, you can even place an order where we can print your Brand LOGO on these strips.

LED types: What characteristics do you want your LED strips to have? Its types? Brand? LED color temperature? Color rendering index (CRI)? Colour temperature (CCT)? Size? Dimension?
Besen provides you with the freedom to choose from all these options as per your wit. Draw your visions to reality.

Customizable LED Strips Manufactured by Besen:

  • Smd3528
  • Smd2835
  • Smd5730
  • Smd5050
  • Smd3014
  • Smd2216
  • Neon Flex Light
  • COB LED Strip Light

LED strip kit: You should have suitable equipment for a practical customized LED strip lighting project.

Power supplies, regulators, and connectors are the matching extras you will require for your custom rope light kit.

Accessories Custom LED Strip Light Kits

  • Aluminum Channel/Mounting for LED Strips
  • LED Strip Power Supplies
  • LED Strip Connectors and Plugs
  • LED Strip Controllers

Dimming Options: Custom LED strip lighting also gives an adjusting choice, which permits clients to control the Strip’s brightness.

You have the choice of picking the brightness depending upon your lighting project.

For example, assuming you plan to accomplish the most extreme brightness for the assignment lighting or to lighten it for mind-set lighting, you can do that without any complexities just by using simple controls.

IP Rating of Custom LED Strips: The IP-evaluated light strips can be ordered at our company, which goes about as a guarantee against water, dust, and other natural variables.

Custom rope lights are readily available as rigid, non-rigid, and silicone LED strips with IP appraisals of IP20, IP65, and IP68, depending upon the degree of assurance you need for the LED strips.

Why do we make the led light business of our besenledlight.com?

Even the price of our competitors’ products is meager, the quality is inferior, the export company is tired of low-quality products, and because we optimize the process better, making us take into account the rate at the same time, the production cost is lower, so we set up the brand presented. We’d launched the B2B platform, and it worked well because of the premium quality product that we offer. And to expand and promote the growth of our business we have introduced this website as well.

How to Order Custom LED Strips at Besen?

  • Start your Project: Start with your project and plan as per your vision are the things you need to work upon. What all kinds of LED strips are you in need of. Work out the actualities of the number, type, and length of stripes and the areas you need to cover with them.
  • Choose your ideal Custom LED Strip Light Options: After ascertaining a particular number or close idea of how many and what kind of strips you need, visit our website and play out with the pictures we have provided you with. You have a wide variety of choices available with you, ranging from customized PCB color to dimming options.
  • Place Your Order: After completing the above two steps, go ahead and place your order with us. Our salesman will quote you the price after getting the purchase information. After the two sides confirm all the transaction details, we will help you with the sample before production. Once satisfied with the pieces, you must place the final order with us.
  • Mass Production: Once the order has been placed, with the conformity of both parties, mass production of the order will start and be delivered to you on time

Can I Customize Any Length For My LED Strip Lights?

Yes, you can customize any length for your LED strip lights.
LED light strips are available custom the site to in standard reels of 5 meters; in any case, you can put requests of any size you want.

Can I Custom Lumen Output For LED Light Strips?

Indeed, you can customize Lumen output for your LED strips.

Customizable LED Strips Manufactured by Besen:

Can I Want Custom LED Strip With High CRI?

It’s feasible to customize LED strips with higher CRI, for example, RA>80 for the LED chips.

Many advanced lighting projects use modern lighting with RA>90 for the LED chips.

The cutting-edge lighting projects for the home plan need to use customized LED strips with RA>80.

LED chips SMD 2835, SMD3528, and 5050 have RA>90, which chooses the best decision for good lighting projects.

What Kind Of Waterproof Grade Can You Offer For Custom LED Strip Lighting?

For all the exclusive LED strip lighting, clients can pick any of the afore-mentioned waterproofing lists:
Non-waterproof – IP20/33
Silicon glue surface covering –IP65
Silicon tube – IP67
Silicon tube (inside fitting consisting of silicon glue) -IP68

What Kind Of LED Chips Use For Producing LED Strip Light?

All our customized LED strip lighting are produced using Epistar LED chips, which are by a wide margin truly best at present.

What Is The Difference Between Different Waterproof Grade In Customizable Led Light Strips?

IP20 OR IP33 is a non-waterproof grade LED light Strip containing a nude strip with self-cement backing and is primarily used in dry areas or inside.

IP65 is a Waterproof grade for led strips where Gel covers the top surface and contains self-cement backing.

IP65 grade strips are protected against water splashes from any heading.

IP67 is a Waterproof grade exposed Strip going through an empty silicone tube while both the ends are sealed.

IP67 grade strips can make due for a brief time when lowered in the water.

IP68 is a waterproof grade exposed Strip that is gone through a silicone container of U cylinder and is covered with silicone gel at the top.

Can You Custom The PCB Board For LED strip?

Our in-house technicians are equipped for planning PCBs for both rigid and non-rigid customized LED strips.

Will You Carry Out LED Strip Ageing Test Before Delivering Custom LED Strips?

We have a well-defined quality control strategy. Our group of analyzers uses a wide variety of instruments to examine the nature of exclusively LED strips.

Aging is a fundamental quality control interaction, and we do the test for at least 8 hours before approving the strip lights.

The aging test identifies the issues like darkening, dimming, dead LED, and other different corrections.

Our aging test includes a test of shading temperature, voltage assessment, review of current, and investigation of wattage.

Our team of experts checks every Strip to ensure that each Strip works appropriately.

Can I Solder The Custom Length LED Light Strips By Myself?

Indeed, you can solder to connect custom-length LED light strips.
Also, you can use LED strip connectors to associate custom-length LED light strips.

How Do I Connect Custom LED Light Strips Without Connectors?

The best method for connecting two custom-made LED light strips is to weld them, mainly to use the connectors.

What Are The Top 4 Comparing Factors Should Care For Before Buying Custom Cut LED Rope Light?

Here’re the four things to look at before purchasing a customized cut LED rope light:

  • Your requirements for the lighting project should be precise to get a proper lumen result, CRI, and CCT.
  • Choose only after looking at the LED size, just as the number of chips per meter.
  • It’s better to look at the voltage and wattage of the custom-length LED light strips.
  • Check the waterproof level of the custom-length LED strip lights.