Are you looking for the latest lighting technology to produce less radiant heat, save energy, and improve illumination?

LED lights are a great alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs. They not only create more light, but they also use less energy to function.

There are two different types of LED light technologies – COB and SMD. COB LEDs are an older technology that is still popular because they are cheaper to manufacture than SMD LEDs. 

The newer SMD LEDs are still more expensive but provide better illumination with less radiant heat than COB LEDs.

When deciding which type of LED light is best for the needs, it is important to consider size, power consumption, and high-frequency flickering.

cob versus smd led light

What are SMD LED lights?

SMD stands for surface mount device which means they do not require any soldering process.

This makes them easy to install and remove from their fixtures. It also saves space since there’s no need for mounting holes.

They come in different shapes like square, rectangle or round. Some even look like the shape of a star. You will find these lights everywhere including ceiling fans, chandeliers, lamps, etc.

The best part about this type of lighting is its brightness.

The color temperature can be adjusted by changing the amount of red, green and blue LEDs used.

These lights use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs but still provide enough illumination.

What are COB LED lights?

COB (Chip On Board) refers to the fact that the actual semiconductor chip is mounted on top of the printed circuit board. This allows for smaller packages as well as lower costs. 

It also means that there will be a significant amount of heat generated by the LED itself. As such, you need to make sure your fixture has adequate ventilation or cooling in order to prevent overheating.


There needs to be both a cathode and anode on every end, however, it can accommodate up to 3 diodes with a single diode. 

The good thing is that it can work with as many as 6 contacts. These diodes are good for various colour options.


It, however, can accommodate three diodes per package. 

The colour temperature range is 2700K – 6500K with an average output of 3000K. They have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

How do I choose between COB and SMD LED lights?

The main difference between these two types of lighting fixtures is how they mount their components. With an SMD LED bulb, all of its parts are soldered directly onto the PCB. The result is a very compact package with no air gaps whatsoever. 

However, this can lead to problems if any part fails. If one component shorts out, it could cause other LEDs to fail too. 

This type of light also requires more precise mounting than that used for COBs because the wires must run through holes drilled into the PCB.


COBs tend to be brighter than SMDs due to the fact that there’s less distance between them. Also, since COBs have larger surface areas, they’re able to dissipate heat better.

For example: A typical 60W COB will produce about 50 lumens while an equivalent SMD would only produce 30 lumens (assuming equal power).

Color temperature (K):

COB bulbs usually produce warmer colors than SMD bulbs do. For example, most incandescent bulbs emit around 2700 K while CFLs and halogen lamps output about 3000-3500 K. This is why you see so many people using warm white light in their homes when it comes to lighting fixtures. The color of a bulb can also affect how well your eyes are able to distinguish different shades of gray. If you want more information on this topic check out our article here.

Lumen maintenance:

SMDs have the advantage over COBs because they don’t require as much energy to maintain brightness. However, if you’re looking for something that’s going to last longer then look into LED lights instead. They will not only save money but they’ll be brighter than any other type of lamp.
You should always make sure that you use an appropriate amount of wattage and voltage with these lamps. For example, if you plan on running them at 60 watts or less then you need to ensure that you get enough volts (voltage) to run those bulbs properly.

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Reason Why LED LED Light Flicker

Quality of light (cob led vs smd led lights)

In general, SMD LED lights produce a truer color spectrum but COBs tend to have more of an orange hue. In newer generations, many people are beginning to see the benefits of using these LEDs which is why you’ll find them in almost every home appliance today.

Energy Efficiency:

SMDs can be much more energy efficient than their counterparts because they don’t require as much power to operate. This means that your electricity bill will go down over time. However, if you’re looking for something with long lasting life expectancies and high quality lighting, I would recommend going with COBs.


COB bulbs cost less money on average when compared to SMDs. The reason being that most manufacturers use cheaper materials such as plastic instead of glass or metal. Also, since there’s no filament inside the bulb itself, it doesn’t need any special maintenance.


In conclusion, the COB LED light is the better option for anyone looking to buy an LED light.

COB LED lights are far more efficient than SMD LEDs, producing the same amount of light with less electrical power used. The COB LEDs also last 50 times longer than SMD LED lights because they are encapsulated in a solid block of material that requires no air or other fluids to operate. This means you don’t have to worry about replacing them every few months like you do when using SMD LED bulbs.

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