How to deal with the Warranty with the LED supplier?


Today we are going to discuss the warranty with you

This is what most importers care about it.Especially,the trader ,distributor,etc.

After you get the goods, you still need to do the secondary sales, when the client asks you about the warranty is quite troubling.

Many purchasers many times will like the stock, as the stock is quick, no need to wait, and more focus to the urgent seller. But there got something there, that is, how long do the stock put ? Usually, why is there got stock, as the other client gives up purchasing or returns back goods that lead to the stock?

Some people said, may there get the big company having the stock in order to the urgent client.I will not deny that, indeed, there got some big factory will do the stock but mostly not, below are the explanation:

  • Usually, if they make stock, it must be a High power product, like, laser light, bulb light, down light, etc. If they make stock, mostly is they got stable clients, they would purchase thousands of containers per year, so they always got stock for their annual purchase. Usually, they need to prepare for a stable client, if you got it, they will lack stock, so hard they could get a lot of stock for you
  • The financing in the world is depression, doing stock costs a lot of budgets, and not many factories will do that. Unless you got the Samsung, or Philips as your backup. However, many factories do not. A few years ago, the economy is boom, and many factories making stock, suddenly, lost all in one night, so they would not like to do the stock anymore
  • Lastly, nowadays, many are not good purchases, they thought it was the market, waiting for the product in stock, no more purchasing, they will come to give a lower than the market price to get it all, to earn a lot.

Let’s come back to today’s topic, how to deal with the warranty. Usually, you’d better when you purchase the goods, ask the seller do they got the stock or not.

If not, that is good, they will produce for you, at once, then ship it to you at once, even including the shipping day, via sea 30days, your warranty just delay 1month, is not far from the production date.

For example, the neon flex and the strip light, if a professional factory produces the neon and strip, they would not do much stock, usually, after receiving the order they would produce it at once. Do you know why, as the neon and strip light’s material is special, if do in stock is not good, if you not using the PCB board inside is thin, you always put in the reel, is not good for the neon light and strip light.

So factories usually will love to do it when the client wants it, to ensure the quality.

Usually, the factory gives your one 1yrs warranty, some honest factory the actual warranty is longer than 1 year. So do not worry, if you using in a proper way, the light will not be unlighted after 1 year.

The best way to solve your problem with the warranty is reasonable to arrange your schedule on the purchasing date. You get an order from the factory, they have enough time to produce your product, then you could get the warranty nearer to the production time, that would be good. I hope this essay could help for you.

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