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Magnetic Track Lighting Accessories

Are you looking for a flexible and sophisticated lighting solution for your space? Magnetic track light is redefining ease and style in lighting options for homes and businesses alike. This guide introduces you to the hassle-free world of customizable lighting tracks, where the need for complex wiring is eliminated, and you’re empowered to redesign your magnetic track light scheme on the fly to cater to any ambience or function.

Key Takeaways

  • Magnetic track lighting is an adaptable and tool-free system that offers easy configuration, repositioning, and personalized lighting setups while maintaining energy efficiency and safety with its low voltage operation.
  • The system includes a range of components such as an aluminum shell, copper conductors, iron sheets, and power drivers, allowing for diverse fixture types and accessories to enhance design and functionality.
  • Magnetic track lights are versatile for both residential and commercial applications, enabling users to create a custom ambiance by adjusting light positions, colors, and fixtures to suit specific environments.

What is Magnetic Track Lighting?

This means you can:

  • Adjust and customize your lighting configuration with ease and without tools
  • Easily move and reposition your light fixtures as needed
  • Create a unique and personalized lighting ambiance in any space

Besen Magnetic track lighting is a dream come true for those who love to tweak and refine their lighting setup.

In addition to its remarkable flexibility, magnetic track lighting offers the following benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: It operates as a low voltage system, making it kinder to the environment and more cost-effective.
  • Safety: The low voltage system is safer to handle compared to traditional high voltage systems.
  • Modular design: The system can be easily extended and shaped by connecting additional tracks.
  • Seamless integration: The fixtures, including LED lights, fit seamlessly into the magnetic track channel, creating a clean and integrated look that enhances any interior design.

Different type of Magnetic Track Lights and benifites:

Magnetic track lighting has revolutionized the realm of interior illumination with its blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal. These lights are a breath of fresh air in design and functionality, providing a clean installation that leaves no drilling residues, preserving the integrity of your decor.

The benefits of magnetic track lights include:

  • Ease of removal and reinstallation, simplifying future operations and maintenance tasks
  • Mobility, allowing for freely connecting and moving lights even after installation
  • Enhanced usability and the ability to make dynamic changes over time

These features make magnetic track lighting systems highly flexible and convenient.

Magnetic Track Size

A pivotal aspect of magnetic track lighting is the size of the track itself. Standard track lengths typically range from 1 to 3 meters, with widths of 15mm, 20mm, and 35mm. The 20mm width is notably popular for residential and commercial lighting applications, striking a balance between discretion and presence within a space.

The length and width of your magnetic track should be in harmony with the dimensions of your living space. Proportional track lengths ensure even lighting coverage, while the choice of track width should take into consideration ceiling height and desired layout configurations, from L-shaped to parallel lines, to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Magnetic Track Lighting Systems

At the heart of every magnetic track lighting system lies a sophisticated assembly of components. This ensemble includes:

  • An aluminum shell
  • Copper conductors
  • Iron sheets
  • Power drivers that safely convert AC 110-220V to low voltage DC48V

These components form the backbone of the system that powers the lighting and illuminates the magnetic track system.

The switching power supply feeds the system with the necessary electrical current, while the lamp body comes ready with a magnetic adapter, allowing for effortless attachment to the track and easy positional adjustments.

Types of Magnetic Track Lights

The diversity of magnetic track lights available is impressive, with options ranging from:

  • Grille spotlights
  • Linear floodlights
  • Adjustable folding spotlights
  • Track spotlights
  • Pendant lights

Each form caters to specific lighting needs, with beam angles varying based on the application. General lighting fixtures like linear lights often use a wider 120° beam angle for diffused light, while spotlights and similar types for accent lighting prefer narrower angles around 24° to 30°.

Furthermore, magnetic LED lights come in a spectrum of color temperatures, from the warm white of 3000K to the daylight range of 4000K-4500K, and even up to the cool white of 6000-6500K, allowing for atmospheric adjustments suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.


To enhance the overall design and functionality of magnetic track lighting systems, a variety of accessories are available, including:

  • Connectors in forms such as I, L, T, and X, along with flexible and straight options, enabling creative layout designs and angles.
  • Compact dimensions that ensure seamless integration and ease of installation.
  • Different rail colors like black and white that allow the tracks to contribute aesthetically to the lighting decorations.

End caps add a polished finish by covering open track ends, and suspension kits allow for tracks to be elegantly suspended from ceilings, providing a sophisticated floating effect.

Where are the magnetic lights used to?

The applications of magnetic track lighting are as varied as they are imaginative. The ability to configure the system in straight lines or unique designs, such as L-shapes or squares, allows for an enhanced visual appeal that complements both walls and ceilings.

In residential settings, magnetic LED lights serve as versatile solutions, offering ambient or accent lighting that maintains consistent light quality to improve the visual appeal of:

  • kitchens
  • dining rooms
  • living rooms
  • bedrooms

Commercial and retail environments benefit greatly from the flexibility of magnetic LED lights, which can be customized to accentuate product displays and contribute to the overall ambiance, further supported by their compatibility with a variety of light fixtures such as LED strips, downlights, and floodlights.

How to Select Magnetic Track Lighting

Embarking on the journey to select magnetic track lighting involves several key considerations. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Determine your specific lighting needs, such as task, ambient, or accent lighting.
  2. Consider factors like bulb type, energy consumption, beam angle, and color temperature.
  3. Verify voltage compatibility.
  4. Choose the appropriate mounting method, whether ceiling-fixed or wall-mounted, to ensure seamless integration into your space.

The design of your magnetic track lighting should complement the style and décor of the area, with considerations for finish, shape, and size playing a significant role in your choice.

How to Install magnetic track light:

The installation of magnetic track lighting is a process marked by user-friendliness and safety. This system eschews complex wiring and nail-free fixture attachments, streamlining the setup process. The right installation technique, whether surface-mounted, recessed, or hanging wire, will be dictated by the ceiling structures and your own preferences.

Lights and drivers are easily attached to the single profile track, with adjustment and power connection steps straightforward enough to be performed by hand and without specialized tools.

How to Finding a LED Track Light Supplier?

Finding a reliable LED track light supplier is an essential step in acquiring quality magnetic track lighting. It’s important to evaluate the quality of supplier products by checking for international quality certifications like CE, RoHS, or UL, and their commitment to safety and environmental standards.

Assessing the supplier’s financial health and supply chain capabilities ensures they can meet project timelines efficiently. Price comparison is also important, weighing the quality, features, and services against the cost to gauge the overall value for money.

Compatibility with Other Fixtures

One of the magnetic track lighting system’s strengths is its compatibility with various fixtures. To ensure a secure fit, the track and fixture widths must match; a 20mm track pairs with a 20mm fixture, for example. The profile of the magnetic track must align with the magnetic base of the fixture for a stable attachment, a design standard across magnetic track lighting systems.

With modular components like power feeds and connectors available, compatibility with different designs and electrical setups is greatly enhanced.

Magnetic Track Lighting Safety Tips

Safety is paramount when dealing with any electrical installations, and magnetic track lighting is no exception. The system’s connectors are made from PC material, offering flame retardancy and insulation to mitigate electrical hazards.

Ensuring the electrical specifications of the light fixtures match those of the magnetic track system is essential to avoid functional issues. It’s also important to respect the manufacturer’s installation guidelines to prevent accidents or malfunctions.

How to fix track light?

Maintaining and repairing magnetic track lighting is straightforward, given the system’s design. If a light becomes unresponsive or requires adjustment, checking the connection between the track and fixture is a good first step. Always ensure the electrical supply is disconnected before performing any maintenance work on the lights for safety.

Cost of Magnetic Track Lighting

The cost of magnetic track lighting is influenced by various factors, including:

  • Entry-level systems starting at around $50
  • High-end options exceeding $200 per meter
  • The quality of materials, such as aluminum thickness
  • The conductive chips in the track rail
  • LED chip quality
  • The type of power supply used

Well-known brands may also charge a premium for their products, reflecting advertising expenses and market presence.


Given the unique nature of magnetic track lighting, it’s natural to have questions. Common inquiries include:

  1. Can you install a light fixture without a junction box?
    • No, installing a light fixture without a junction box is not recommended as it may violate electrical codes and can pose serious safety risks due to the potential for electrical fires. Junction boxes provide a secure enclosure for wiring connections and support for the light fixture, ensuring a safe and compliant installation.
  2. Is it possible to use magnetic track lighting outdoors?
    • Yes, while magnetic track lighting is primarily designed for indoor use, there are certain models that are specifically engineered to be weatherproof for outdoor applications. When selecting outdoor magnetic track lighting, ensure that the products have the appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating to withstand the elements.
  3. Is it compatible with other fixtures?
    • Yes, our magnetic track systems are designed to be versatile and are compatible with various types of lights, not just the ones our company makes. This allows for easy addition, removal, or repositioning of lights.
  4. What is the recommended distance from the wall for a magnetic linear track?
    • The distance of the magnetic linear track from the wall should be determined according to the room size, lighting effect, and layout configuration to achieve the desired result.
  5. Can it be dimmed?
    • Yes, most magnetic track lights have dimming capabilities, giving you the flexibility to adjust brightness according to your needs.
  6. Are there any potential disadvantages?
    • While magnetic track lighting offers numerous benefits, potential disadvantages include initial cost investment and the need for compatibility between the track and fixtures.
  7. What color options are available?
    • Magnetic track systems typically come in standard colors like black and white, but custom colors may be available upon request to match your design preferences.
  8. What safety advice should be followed?
    • It’s crucial to ensure that the electrical specifications of the light fixtures match those of the magnetic track system and to follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines to prevent accidents or malfunctions.


Reflecting on the journey through the world of magnetic track lighting, we’ve explored its innovative design, varied applications, and the considerations involved in selection, installation, and maintenance. This lighting system offers the flexibility to adjust lighting to one’s changing needs with ease while also presenting a sleek, modern aesthetic that can enhance any space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a light fixture without a junction box?

No, it’s not safe to install a light fixture without a junction box. It’s better to use a traditional junction box for safety reasons.

Can track lighting be used outdoors?

No, track lighting is generally designed for indoor use, so using it outdoors would require fixtures specifically rated for outdoor conditions.

Are your tracks compatible with other light fixtures or just the ones your company makes?

Yes, our magnetic track systems are designed to be versatile and are compatible with various types of lights, not just the ones our company makes. This allows for easy addition, removal, or repositioning of lights.

How far does the magnetic linear track need to be away from the wall?

The distance of the magnetic linear track from the wall should be determined according to the room size, lighting effect, and layout configuration to achieve the desired result.

Can the magnetic LED lights be dimmed?

Yes, most magnetic track lights have dimming capabilities, giving you the flexibility to adjust brightness according to your needs.

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