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Is Importing LED Lights from China Safe?

China has around 80% LED factories. Generally, LED lights from China are safe because many Chinese LED light plants to take advantage of automated machinery, which will boost the construction procedure and produce high-quality products. LED Light factory also tries to access various global authorizations, either manual or automatic, to ensure superior manufacturing. These enterprises will sell the products worldwide to make it safer and more convenient for consumers to purchase excellent products.


However, that’s not always the case, you can also get poor-quality LED lights from China. There can be quality issues, like the technology and the material used to manufacture LED lights.

But, LED light technology has grown due to over ten years of technology iteration. Thus, there are fewer quality issues, but you need to be careful while buying.


Our primary concern in this article would be about importing LED lights from China. Either it’s safe or not and why should you buy them.


So, keep reading to get a clear picture!

What are LED lights

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode. LED lights work 90% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs.

Thus, you can save loads of money by employing these LED bulbs in your home.

Moreover, they are also long-lasting, meaning that you can see equal brightness with less power, and you won’t have to change lights again and again.

As a result, LED lights have a significant market; you can’t take away LED lights for lighting, whether it’s for home or engineering purposes. However, it would help if you were careful.

Otherwise, it can introduce you to loads of problems.

How LED lights from China Can be poor?

You can get all the advantages from LED lights, such as higher efficiency, lower power use, and durability, only if you buy high-quality lights because not every bulb is built on equal standards. There is a notable trend of acquiring inexpensive goods these days. And with advancements in internet technology, numerous organizations use low prices as a tool to get buyers. But these affordable goods can put a significant burden on you because of their low standard quality. You may have to purchase two to three inexpensive bulbs in a month. It’s also a substantial problem in China as some highly-rated marketplace websites charge just a portion compared to Europe and the US. So even you may be getting an LED bulb at the rate of 1 cent, but the quality will be poor.

Can These Cheaper LED Lights Be Securely Used?

LED lights imported from China aren’t secure every time. The primary issue is the capacitor’s quality. The capacitor manages the electricity flow in the bulb to protect the bulb from changing electricity levels.

However, there is a voltage threshold that a capacitor can bear. As a result, the capacitor can get overloaded due to inappropriate voltage.

  • The challenge is the high cost of the components employed in capacitors. Thus, manufacturers tend to bypass the cost and use poor materials. But how these low-quality capacitors can be dangerous for you is explained in the next section.
  • Secondly, it’s also essential to use a high-quality LED array circuit because diodes may not have the precise value vital for an even light color.
  • Thirdly, we can get bulbs with a low-quality base. Aluminum is usually used in branded bulbs which it can swap with an economical material. For instance, nickel plating is frequently used in bulbs, but it’s not suitable. Nickle has a lower thermal conductivity, almost half of the aluminum. The 50% effectivity of the nickel-base bulb considerably influences its lifetime and makes it shorter.
  • Lastly, bonding quality on the chip within the bulb may not be of top standard when you purchase LED lights from China. It refers to the inefficient association which decreases the electricity flow through the circuit. As a result, you may get dimmer lights or the ones that spark.

What Makes Overloaded Capacitors Hazardous?

When you provide a capacitor with a current that’s not suitable for it, it heats the capacitor. The heat can be expanded towards the whole circuit and destroy it.

Capacitors exploited in the LED lights are usually of two kinds including. 

Electrolytic Capacitors: They are economical but highly vulnerable to thermal damage. Due to gel’s presence, it vaporizes with increasing heat and ultimately burns out.

Ceramic Capacitors: They are more expensive, and you may not find them in Chinese bulbs. However, they (but not always) can endure a slight thermal rise.

The damaged capacitor can warm up the adjacent components and blast. It ultimately causes a short circuit in the entire bulb and explodes it.

What Are The Essential Things You Must Consider While Buying LED Lights From China?

It would help if you considered certain crucial things while ordering LEDs from China. These involve:

· Bulb Descriptions

Another critical concern with the Chinese LEDs is the lack of proper specifications. These specifications can assist you in finding the best option among different bulbs. But when there are no specifications, you can’t have an idea about the efficiency and life span of the bulb. Thus, you should check the stipulations of the bulb before ordering.

· Lumen per Watt Effectiveness

Before procuring them, comparing the lumen per watt (lm/W) effectiveness of different bulbs is significant. First, it gives you an idea about the bulb’s efficiency as it refers to the number of lumens a bulb produces with every watt of power.

Lm/W is an elementary measurement – divide the number of watts by the number of lumens. 

Numerous Chinese production companies don’t provide a proper lumen output of their bulbs, but you must check the listings for the lm/W rating.

76 lm/W is the standard for LED bulbs, so don’t procure a bulb having fewer ratings.

· Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI refers to the measurement of the bulb’s color precision.

The bulbs having a higher CRI rating will produce more exact colors, while lower CRI rated bulbs give dull shades. It has a 1-100 range scale; however, a score less than 80 is considered poor.

Usually, the bulbs have ratings of 80 or 85; nonetheless, you can get extraordinary cases that break 90+ scores.

Hence, it would help if you didn’t go for bulbs with lower CRI ratings. However, higher ratings can also be doubtful, like 95 or more, so it’s better to avoid them too.

· Cast-off Material

Last of all, you must inspect the material employed in developing the bulb.

Aluminum, ceramic, glass, or, more frequently, an epoxy resin for the upper part are used. Pass up if you see plastic anywhere on the bulb listing.

Further, it would help if you also sidestepped from bulbs with a nickel base. Such bulbs aren’t good at dispersing heat, leading to a quick bulb explosion.

· LED Chip

A sound LED chip gives a longer life to the bulb. Currently, we have top-quality LED chips in the market that provide over 30,000 hours of life. The standard lifetime is 50,000 hours for commercial lighting, referring to the guarantee of 5 years.

What does CCT mean on light bulbs?

Correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI), and lumen efficacy are the crucial aspects of LED chips.

· LED Driver

LED drivers are considered the most vital features of bulb life. You can get several designs of the LED drivers in the market for typical usage, outdoor and indoor. These include narrow (220-240V) and broad (75-265V) input voltage drivers, isolated and non-isolated drivers, and drivers with and without flicking.

Isolated drivers usually have a longer life span and a higher cost than non-isolated drivers. Regardless of the LED driver’s style, you are required to inspect that the suppliers pass the particular test in your country. For instance, UL or ETL for the United States, SAA or C-click for Australia, and CE for Europe. When your supplier has excelled in the test, you can get a suitable LED driver depending on your budget and standards in the targeted market.

Why Should You Import From China?

Whenever you are new to a market, this question always arises in your mind. So, naturally, people speculate why they ought to procure from a foreign country with a local market.

The main reason for choosing China to import LED lights is its massive LED market which comes with numerous bonuses.


Five key motives to import LED lights from China include:

1. Diverse Opportunities

The foremost reason is the diversity which means you’ll get numerous choices. But how it can be valuable to you. 

Hundreds of producers in the Chinese industry produce thousands of the products, contrasting the local markets where you only have one or two chief corporations. Thus, you can say it’s the only market that offers you to find precisely what you are seeking. 

You can discover the best products and the most trustworthy companies when you have many options. You won’t face any limitations or bounds in the Chinese LED industry.

2. Reasonable Charges

China gives you the highest competitive prices.

Many Chinese LED manufacturers like Besen are large and manage huge orders. How it affects me?

Principally, when a company deals with bulk orders, it represents that they can earn a decent revenue through one order despite low prices than your regional constructors.

Many components of LED lights are produced within China, which allows these businesses to offer lower prices. In addition, this makes it stress-free and quicker to obtain LED gears than the local companies that import objects from China.

3. Well-Recognized Transport Systems

 Transportation is a crucial part of the import procedure; thus, it needs enormous devotion.

You want your order to be timely and perfectly delivered. But when you make deals with countries where the LED industry isn’t fully established, you can’t get the assurance of timely shipment.

However, China has a different scenario. Chinese companies can offer a swift, efficient, and protected distribution network safeguarding your orders. They are reached in time and intact because of the bulk exportation of the products. It’s similar to Japan that has a huge car industry.

Chinese constructors work with highly professional shipping organizations that are well-aware of packaging, storage, and shipment of LED lights in bulk with negligible damage. Thus, you have a high probability of obtaining your order without any loss.

Further, the extensive shipment network offers lower freighting charges, giving you high discounts, but it depends on the quantity of procured products.

4. Capability to Deliver Bulk Orders

This aspect becomes useful when you want to order a considerable volume, but you doubt the capability of your manufacturers to deliver such a massive order on time.

Chinese companies have no issue with huge orders; nothing is too big for them.

The best incentive for dealing with Chinese LED builders is their competence to deliver oversized orders in no time.

Wow! But how?

The Chinese entrepreneurs of the LED industry devote a massive amount to the novel technology that allows them to generate superior LED products sooner than other countries.

Moreover, the Chinese labor force is also very prolific and puts great effort into delivering excellent services. It indicates that they can make anything within breakthrough times.

Thus, the Chinese LED industry must be your priority if you want 10,000 pieces of a particular LED gear in a week.          

5. Personalized Products

Last but not the minor perk of importing LED lights from China is the choice of getting personalized products.

Production technologies get heavy funding from Chinese companies. Thus, they can effortlessly generate personalized LED gears according to your partialities. Still, they can timely deal with bulk orders.

You need to contact a company offering personalized services, discuss your terms with them, place your order, and wait for the delivery. Then, you’ll get your customized items within the stipulated time and requirements at your doorstep.

China has a vast LED industry. You can get excellent quality LED lights in bulk form. It also offers you to design LED products as per your needs. It has many pros, but good things always come with a price. LED lights from China can have many issues, such as cheap quality materials. However, you can defeat this matter by following the tips given above before procuring LED lights.

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