How to choose a high-quality LED light strip China manufacturer?

China holds the greatest LED strip manufacturing industry and produces 80 percent of the world’s high-quality ribbons. The raw material is available in abundance which makes Chinese products economical. Well-known companies such as Philips, Osram, etc. have their production units in China and can not only meet the buyer’s procurement needs but also deliver the product on time.

The trick to ordering perfect Chinese LED ribbons is to contact multiple suppliers. A list of a few top suppliers is added to the article. Make sure they provide high-quality, economical LED ribbons with adequate after-sales services and warranties.

led strip manufacturer

Moreover, they should have experience of delivering products to your country. It is best to request a sample product from the supplier before confirmation of a big order from the manufacturer. After reviewing and testing their sample, discuss the best price they can offer for your desired product. Take quotations from multiple suppliers to know the price range of the product.

After price negotiation, place the purchase order for bulk ordering. It is advisable to set up a meeting with the supplier in person. It will help in analyzing how they tackle different business situations, and in making an informed decision for successful collaboration which will help in thriving your business in the longer run. Discussion on the supplier’s quality control system and certifications is also necessary to secure a good deal.

Another crucial step after placing the order is the payment method supplier and buyer agreed upon. Mostly, suppliers demand TT payment from a new buyer.

How to choose manufacturer?

The biggest question of all is how to search for an LED strip supplier. This article will make the journey easy for you. Here is the step-by-step guide to help you buy the best ribbons at a reasonable cost.

Searching for the LED strip suppliers

led strip manufacturer

There are various channels to search for suppliers such as:

  • Phone a friend
  • Internet browsing

You can contact a friend to get recommendations on companies or browse the internet yourself. For instance, searching “led strip manufacturer” will provide information about various companies. Check out their company website for relevant products, company information, view their page, and contact them. Do not forget to ask them for local references or buyers.

The most common and time-saving way to search for flexible strip suppliers is to go for business-to-business platforms like direct factory on Google, Alibaba, Made in China or entrust a Chinese agent to search on 1688

Some sellers have field certification, which means they have their factories. You can also go to other platforms to browse.

led strip manufacturer

Read the company page, product page, quality testing page, quality assurance page, etc. to get a preliminary understanding of the supplier’s strengths. Shortlist a few from top suppliers. Some companies are platforms certified to take company videos and upload them to the backend, so you can visually see what each company is like.

Establishing Communication for Procurement

Contact with the suppliers can be established by posting your requirements on official sites.

So, how do you post your commercial product requirements on the platform?

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An easy way to establish contact with a supplier is to register for a free account on the company site. You may need to provide your company name and email address, it is recommended to fill in the business email, become a certified buyer, the platform will match you with sellers that meet your strengths and show them your needs.

Enter the page of the seller you choose; contact them online. Tell them in detail the light strip products you need. Ask the supplier to provide detailed product information. We do not recommend leaving your private phone number; it is likely to be leaked and receive harassing calls.

If you do not receive a response, you can contact them by phone.

Price is essential BUT, not the ONLY parameter, to choose your supplier.

The next crucial question a buyer has in mind is “How to choose a high-quality flexible light strip supplier in China??

Let me tell you a secret. That price is not the only parameter to pick your supplier.

We must not focus on the price alone. Check what kind of product experience this supplier has; whether it can produce the products we want in the market and provide a range of services to become our reliable partner in China.

The traits you should look at in professional suppliers

It is significant to know the capabilities of the supplier and how it can produce what you want. Here are some features a manufacturer should possess:

led strip manufacturer

Quality control system

The LEDs manufacturer must have skilled workers who can provide in-depth technical support. They should establish an inspection regime to ensure the goods are perfect before being shipped.

The supplier should also be able to handle shipping delays or damaged products when they arrive in your country. Ensure you check how long it takes them to get back up and running after any delay or damage occurs with their customers during transit. It will show if there is good communication between the parties involved. A new supplier might make mistakes, but these experiences will help improve overall customer satisfaction with time and give them opportunities to grow the complete production line and QC inspection process.

Certification system

Certifications like Europe’s CE RoHS certification, FCC UL listed certification for the U.S. market, Australia’s SAA certification, etc., and other product certificates for different market requirements are a must for choosing a reliable supplier.

Regular maintenance of the equipment.

The manufacturer should be able to provide on-site equipment maintenance. It shows that their quality control department can identify issues before they arise and take preventative measures without causing any business loss. You do not want any breakdowns during production, so make sure you choose a supplier who has the resources available for regular maintenance of all machinery involved with making your product.

Commission-free sales service

The LED company should have a commission-free sales service. Don’t let them charge you for their services as it will make your product expensive. They provide this type of service to attract clients and generate revenue through other means like selling spare parts or providing purchases of products from another supplier that is not part of the project they are currently working on with you.

Experience of exporting their products to your country

One of the best ways to ensure that you are choosing the right supplier is to purchase from companies that already export their products to your country. Because these suppliers have already overcome hurdles to obtain product certification and export labeling. They also know all the regulations and requirements to be able to ship their products overseas. It’s the best way to ensure your goods reach you on time and at the right cost.

After-sales service

To ensure that your product is of the highest quality, it is also advisable to only buy from companies that have a professional technical support team. This way you can contact them at any time, and they will be able to resolve any problems or issues you may encounter with your products. Look for a factory that takes responsibility for making sure customers are always satisfied and happy with their goods.

Development capability

These manufacturers are constantly looking at new designs, finding new suppliers, wholesale businesses, and making improvements to their existing lines.

Customization capability

It is important to make sure that the company you are buying from has customization capabilities. Because it ensures that they can do multiple product lines for your specific needs. This also maintains competitive pricing and makes them more adaptable to different market conditions.

Product warranty

The supplier you choose should also provide a satisfactory service and warranty.

How to deal with a led light supplier?

Sharing the order details

led strip manufacturer

After selecting your supplier, the next thing you need to do is to share the details of the desired product. It is significant because it will impact the cost of the strips. The important parameters that can contribute to price are:

  • Quantity for led strip
  • Voltage for flexible led strip lighting
  • Usage of light e.g., under cabinet lighting, as indoor and outdoor
  • Color of LED tape light
  • Product Size of led strip
  • Heat dissipation for led light strips
  • Product packaging, outer box packaging for LED lights
  • The thickness of the PCB board for led light strips
  • Lamp bead model for strip lights
  • Number of beads on led stripboard
  • Lamp chip brand
  • The waterproof factor for lighting products
  • Shipping safety
  • Payment method for business

Request a test product before the entire order

It is best to request a sample product from the supplier before confirmation of a big order from the manufacturer. It is essential to buy led strip samples from different led lights suppliers and mark them, compare the details of product quality and packaging, and finally choose the supplier whose quality and price meet your expectations.

Sample confirmation is extremely important. Don’t skip this step because you never know if the new supplier fully understood your needs. The test product will give you the liberty to check the sample and further communicate for improvement. In this way, you can minimize the probability of large orders error.

Price negotiation & payment method

After reviewing and testing their sample, discuss the best price they can offer for your desired product. Flexibility in product prices can be confirmed by taking quotations from multiple suppliers. This step depends on the payment method you accept. The regular payment methods for Chinese suppliers are TT/LC/OA

But most of the new suppliers will ask for TT payment and pay the balance before shipping. Later, you can negotiate a better payment method with the supplier.

Details of the production arrangement of the light strip factory

After the contract is signed, the factory will start production. To follow up on the project, demand a follow-up report template. If the manufacturer does not have one, you can let them fill it out. This way you know all the production time, and a proper template will help you grasp a variety of product information.

Product inspection details for LED strip light

If you have enough budget, you can commission a third-party inspection company to do the product inspection, which costs 2-5% of the order. But the expense is well worth it. If you want to entrust a friend or another supplier in China, it is also possible, but a professional testing company can help you to conduct the most detailed quality inspection.

Led Strip lights product shipping details

Confirm the packing list, shipping time, arrange for the freight company to pick up the goods, or the factory itself to arrange the shipment. You need to confirm whether the packaging is intact before shipping, video, and picture confirmation, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings arising from the violent transportation of logistics.

Shipping details of LED strip lights

Before confirming the order, you should communicate with the professional led strip light band factory and confirm the freight details. Each factory has different resources of logistics providers, and the price will also be different. To save freight and control the transportation time, it is recommended that we choose our own third-party logistics company if possible.

Details of customs clearance for light strip orders

If you have not purchased products from China, it is recommended to recruit a reliable local agent from your country to help you clear customs. You will only need to provide the documents they need, and they will make your task a piece of cake.

Guide for top 10 LED strip manufacturers in China

LED manufacturers have been improving their products with the release of new types of lamps. Manufacturers are enhancing the performance of LED light sources, product reliability, and other aspects. The assembly process is also being improved to promote the efficiency and competitive advantage of LED products.

The manufacturer has been in business for many years, and they have made some changes to improve the productivity of their products. The assembly process has also been improved to promote the efficiency and competitive advantage of these lamps.

The brand building of Chinese LED manufacturers has achieved significant results. In the future, the influence of Chinese LED lighting in the international arena is bound to increase.

The top 10 LED manufacturers list includes:

Zhongshan Besen Technology Co. Ltd

led strip manufacturer


5th Floor,13, Qingfu Road, Henglan District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, China

Contact details


Main products

  • LED strip light
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Garden Light
  • LED High Bay Light
  • LED Flood Light
  • LED Solar streetlight
  • LED Stadium light
  • LED Tunnel Light
  • Application of led related products

About the company

Zhongshan Besen Led has the production and R&D units of ultra high-brightness LED strips, chips, commercial light, cabinet light, solar light  and power devices, and optical communication components with a wide variety of project solutions. Its products are leading in performance.

Xiamen Yankon Energetic Lighting Co. Ltd


No. 88 Houxiang Road Central, Haicang District, Xiamen, China 361026 Contact Details:

Main products

  • A Bulb
  • Candle
  • Mini Globe
  • Globe
  • Reflector
  • Capsule
  • T shape
  • ST64
  • Fire lamp

About the company

It is a subsidiary of the listed company Zhejiang Yankon Lighting Electric Group Co. Ltd. and it is one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting products.

MLS Lighting (Forest Lighting)


Headquarter Location: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Contact details

Main Products:

  • LED light sources
  • LED optoelectronic devices
  • LED lighting fixtures

About the company

MLS Lighting Co. Ltd. is a world leader in LED packaging and LED products in China. It also provides OEM service  for many internationally famous companies like LEDVANCE, a formal OSRAM General lighting brand, in 2017.

MLS has expanded to 4 big production bases in different cities in China.

NVC International Holdings Limited


Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Contact details


Main products

• LED lighting fixtures, especially LED Down Lights, LED Spotlights, LED Strip, LED Track Lights, LED Panels, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Bulbs, LED Flood Lights

About the company

NVC Lighting is one of China’s world-class brands. It has regional headquarters in China, Singapore, USA, and the UK.

NVC has 5 production centers and one product development center is in the UK, supporting the international market.

They have a full range of light products, major includes LED downlights, LED panels, LED floodlights, and LED in-ground lights.

Their commercial light products captured the domestic as well as the international market.

OPPLE Lighting


Shanghai, China

Contact details

Main Products:

  • LED lighting fixtures
  • especially LED Bulbs
  • LED Spotlights
  • LED Downlights
  • LED Strip
  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • LED Panels

About the company

OPPLE products range from traditional lamps and ceiling fixtures to electrical appliances. They are leading integrated lighting manufacturers with services and sales in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Opple Lighting has a world-leading EMC and light distribution lab. Their R&D unit is the best team in China.

Hengdian Group TopoLighting Co. Ltd.


Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Contact details

Main products

LED bulb and tubes, Indoor Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

About the company

TopoLighting has 4 main products in its portfolios including LED bulbs, indoor luminaires, electronics, and outdoor lighting.

Topo enjoys an excellent reputation by selling  high-quality products, all  around the world. It has the honor of having the second-highest export value in China’s LED industry in 2019.

Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings CO. LTD


No.5 Dapu He North Road, Beilun Development District, Ningbo, China

Contact details

Main products


About the company

Electronic Energy Saving Lamps, transformers, Electrical ballast, electronic components  such as chip components,  sensors, frequency control components and hybrid integrated circuits are part of their lighting products.

FSL-Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co. Ltd


64 North Fenjiang Road, Foshan, China

Contact details

Main products


About the company

FSL manufactures a wide range of LED products and other efficient  lighting products as their core business. At present, the company has five production units operating in China.

Guangdong PAK Corporation Co. Ltd


Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Contact details


Main products

• LED Lamps and Electrical appliances, Commercial Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Home Lighting, Outdoor Lighting,

About the company

Founded in 1991, it has become one of the market leaders for supplying high-efficiency indoor and outdoor lighting products.

Today, it is manufacturing over 2000 categories of products and has 5 production bases. PAK has partnered many prestigious lighting companies worldwide to develop highly innovative lighting solutions.

Bull Group Co. Ltd


Cixi, Zhejiang Province, China

Contact details


Main products

• Switches, Sockets, Power Strip, LED Light Bulbs

About the company

Bull Group Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise with expertise in the R&D , manufacturing and sales of LED lighting It controls 4 major industries in  China including extended line socket, wall switch, LED lighting, and digital accessories.


Manufacturing plants in China are world-class and are very strong in terms of raw materials availability and supply chains. These traits make their products the best in quality and price. If you need to buy led strip light products, then choosing a Chinese led manufacturer must be a great choice.

The following steps are the most crucial in choosing a high-quality led light strip China manufacturer:

  1. Searching for LED strip suppliers
  2. Establishing communication for procurement
  3. Sharing the order details with the supplier
  4. Requesting a test product
  5. Price negotiation & payment method
  6. Product inspection
  7. Confirming the shipping details